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In Skadovsk can book tours - through the tour desk or private drivers.
Very interesting trip to the island Dzharylgach (boat goes from the pier in Skadovsk, cost approx. 35 hryvnia per person) - Reserve, where you can find deer, fallow deer and other animals. If you walk across the island (about an hour run through the numerous lakes and streams) will take you to the seashore with clean water, dazzling white sand and lots of gulls who strive to steal food and anything from clothes.

Dzharylgach island

Askania Nova :
pinc flamingo

In spring and early summer is very interesting visit to the world-famous biosphere reserve Askania Nova, which is located in the heart of the steppe Tavria. There you can admire the animals and birds from different corners of the earth: buffalo, deer, buffalo, zebu, pheasants, ostriches, and others, which are contained in enclosures and in vivo. In addition, you can visit a unique botanical garden reserve area of 170 hectares.

Askania Nova:
african bull

The hot source (Geyser)
Located approximately 15 kilometers from the Zhelezny port. Open to the public in the summer of 2005. History mysterious source: according to one version it was opened during the drilling of oil wells last summer. According to another version, the geyser has been opened in 70 years - it poured with concrete, but the water still occasionally break through to the source surface.

Today equipped with three swimming pools - two with hot water and one - with mud. Water is the source of brown-brown color from dissolved iodine, very salty. The temperature of the geyser - about 70 degrees. Near the baths are equipped with changing cabins and a room where you can order a massage.

After bathing in the source of excellent health, very sleepy. Feedback from visitors, bathing in the source and treatment of mud perfect helps with diseases of the joints. Bathing at the source - a big enough load on the body, it is recommended no more than two or three times a week.

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