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Ukrainian Village Krasnoe of Skadovsk district, Kherson region - an ideal place for families with children. Gently sloping sandy beach, warm water Dzharylgachskogo bay of the Black Sea, cheap local markets with an abundance of southern fruits will make your vacation unforgettable!
Recreation center, Primorje - minipansionat hotel type rooms for 3-5 people. with facilities in the rooms , a four-time food in a comfortable dining area for recreation - all four hundred meters from the sea.
We invite parents with children, school groups with teachers, interest groups (hardening, alternative medicine, etc.). Possible to conduct creative meetings and seminars.
The schedule of arrival - free of charge. Reservation of rooms - for ten days prior to arrival at list.

Curative mud

In Soviet times, the Krasnoe was the mud. Times are changing - dirt remain :-)
Therapeutic mud can be extracted in a small bay near the beach. It is best to perform the procedure in the evening when the mud is well heated during the day. This mud has a density of plasticine and a distinct smell of sulfur-hydrogen. Applied to the joints and spine (forbidden to put dirt on the heart). Aged up to dry - about 10-15 minutes, after which washed away the sea water.

Blue clay is in the red literally under our feet - in fact, all of the seabed, if a little dig, it's a solid field of blue clay. In some places near the coast, the clay comes to the surface - these places can easily be determined from the muddy water. Clay is very good to use for cosmetic purposes - skin after application of the clay becomes soft and fat, wrinkles. The clay can be used as a sunblock.

In the evening we are cheerful. There are going free concerts, competitions, play. To take part everybody.



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